A List of Water Beetles of Scott Creek Conservation Park

An extract from a paper by Lars Hendrich

  A Jewel Beetle from SCCP.  We haven't pictures of water beetles, yet!


In the present study a total of 25 species of water beetles were collected within the park.

They belong to the following families (species numbers in parantheses): Haliplidae (1), Gyrinidae or whirligigs (1), Dytiscidae or predaceous water beetles (17), Hydrophilidae or true water beetles (4) and Hydrochidae (2).

Species Distribution Ecology
Haliplus australis (CLARK) SE-Australia Lentic, permanent
Hyphydrus elegans (MONTR.) Australia Lentic, permanent
Liodessus amabilis (CLARK) SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Liodessus gemellus (CLARK) SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Antiporus gilberti (CLARK) S- and C- Australia lentic/temporary/perm.
Antiporus blakei (CLARK) SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Chostonectes nebulosus (MACL.) E- and SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Chostonectes gigas (BOHEMAN) S- and C- Australia lentic/permanent/temp.
Sternopriscus clavatus (CLARK) E- and SE-Australia Lentic/permanent

Sternopriscus tarsalis (SHARP)

E- and SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Necterosoma dispar (GERMAR) SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Megaporus hamatus CLARK E- and SE-Australia Lentic/permanent
Copelatus australasiae CLARK E- and SE-Australia lentic (lotic), perm./temp
Platynectes decempunctatus (FABR.) Australia lotic (lentic), permanent
Platynectes reticulosus (CLAM) SE-Australia lotic, perm/temp.
Rhantus suturalis (MACLEAY) Pal., Oriental, Austral. lentic (lotic), perm./temp
Lancetes lanceolatus (CLARK) S-Australia lentic (lotic), perm./temp
Onychohydrus scutellatis (GERM.) S-Australia Lentic, permanent
Macrogyrus angustatus CLARK S-Australia lotic (lentic), permanent
Enochrus deserticola (BLACKBURN) E- and SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Helochares tristris (MACLEAY) S-Australia lentic/permanent/temp.
Hydrophilus albipes CASTELNAU S-Australia Lentic/permanent
Paracymus pygmaeus (MACLEAY) S-Australia lentic/permanent/temp.
Hydrochus adelaidae MOTSCH. E- and SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent
Hydrochus australis BLACKB. E- and SE-Australia lentic/lotic, permanent


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